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Textile mouth-nose mask

Product code: MM

Protect yourself and others from spreading viruses. A mouth-nose mask covers your mouth and nose. This will stop drips while talking, coughing and sneezing, and reduce the risk of spreading viruses. Wearing a mouth-nose mask is compulsory on campuses.

Disinfect your mouth mask after each use by washing it at a minimum of 60°C (even better is a boil wash programme) or by boiling it separately in a cooking pot. Be sure to let the mask dry thoroughly before using it again. That is why it is advisable to have several masks for you to switch. Keep your clean and used masks separately. Read more tips for proper use at

Together we can protect each other.

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  • NBN/DTD S 65-001:2020.
  • Use for a maximum of 4 hours.
  • Wash at minimum 60°C.


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